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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Bahera College will provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.

The vision of Bahera college is to provide good and healthy environment where students get their mental and physical growth towards our traditional value, character, kindness and best education.


  1. Student Focus : Meeting community and student needs by creating an educational environment and culture so students can attain a variety of goals.
  2. Excellence : Maintain a high standard of integrity and performance leading to the achievement of academic and professional goals.
  3. Collaboration : Seeking input from all sectors of the college and the community.
  4. Diversity : Fostering a learning community in which the values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  5. Life-Long Learning : Serving enthusiastic, independent thinkers and learners striving for personal growth.
  6. Integrity : Behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels.
  7. Technological Advancement : Keeping pace with global technology trends and enhancing traditional instruction with technology to prepare students for success in the work place.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bahera College is to help prepare outstanding educators, scholars, and researchers, and to advance the profession of education, as broadly defined, through research on the science and art of teaching and learning, the application of clinical processes, the effective uses of technology, and the analysis and development of leadership and educational policy.

Bahera College is a safe, friendly, accessible environment where all students and community members may optimize their academic, career, and cultural development.

Mission Objectives

As Bahera College continues to advance as a dynamic center for life-long learning, we will:

  1. provide general, lower division coursework leading to an associate degree in the arts or the sciences;
  2. prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities;
  3. offer technological services and support for students, faculty, and staff;
  4. deliver programs to improve basic math, reading, communication, and ESL skills;
  5. grant opportunities for students to develop a global perspective through a curriculum with international and multicultural applications;
  6. furnish support services for the intellectual and personal development of all Bahera College students, including opportunities to participate in campus governance;
  7. foster a comprehensive and enriching program of extracurricular activities;
  8. conduct community education programs that encourage learning at every stage of life;
  9. award occupational certificates and degrees for career preparation and advancement;
  10. administer customized training programs for business and industry;
  11. increase career development support for students, faculty, and staff through career exploration,
  12. counseling, job preparation, job opportunities, and academic and classified staff development;
  13. collaborate with local high schools in articulation and curriculum development;
  14. advance cultural and personal enrichment programs for the college and community members, and promote inter-collegiate competition opportunities for students.

Principal's Message


As Principal of Bahera College, I thank you for visiting our website. We understand you have many options for higher education and appreciate your taking the time to learn more about what Bahera College has to offer.

I would like to personally invite you to become part of this outstanding college community. Bahera College serves the diverse educational needs of thousands of students each year - whether they are recent high school graduates just beginning their college experience or others wanting to change or enhance their careers.

From our dedicated governing board, to our experienced and enthusiastic faculty and staff, we are determined to do all we can to help turn students' academic dreams into realities. Whether it is through the grand opening of our Building, the continued development of our Institute for Completion or expanding student support programs, Bahera College strives to provide students with the tools they need to complete their goals. Our number one priority is student success and completion.

In the development of mithlanchan, People from Bahera has been giving their all efforts. They are given their mental and physical strength for the development but at the same time they were concern about their children education, how would they provide proper education to their children? It was a very important point to be thought. In past, few important personalities has tried to overcome this problem but failed. When Bahera block has been converted into Sub-division,then for the development of this region one more try has been done to develop proper infrastructure for the students. So,on 2nd July 1979 in the presence of Dr.Ramakant Jha( Prof. Electronic department,B.H.U) along with local residents and few intelligent names along with experience persons, Bahera college proposal has been produced.

As you consider pursuing your education with Bahera College, I hope you will use our website as a helpful tool to plan for and achieve your educational goals - no matter what they may be.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit our beautiful campus and discover for yourself Best Community College! We welcome your visit and invite you to join our vibrant learning community.

On behalf of the Bahera Community College District Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, I wish you every success.