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Bachelor of Philosophy

Bachelor of Philosophy

Students of Philosophy are encouraged to reflect deeply and critically on fundamental questions, and are challenged to examine their own beliefs and values and the practical implications for living. They learn to apply various methods to evaluate the arguments of both Christian and secular thinkers and develop cultural literacy by exploring how philosophical thought has influenced western culture.

Philosophy also contains the study of Ethics. Ethics is concerned with human well-being. The main themes covered here include happiness, reason, morality and the constitution of the ethical self. These themes are in turn applied to many practical issues, including racism, sexuality, human rights, technology and capital punishment.

Students are challenged to consider the values and qualities of ethical leadership, to debate with other students and staff the challenges of developing and maintaining standards of ethical behavior, and to develop a broad range of insights into the practical application of ethical principles.

Philosophy is a subject for thinkers. A Bachelor degree in Philosophy introduces a student to the various branches of Indian and Western Philosophy. Philosophy is a branch of study which enquires in to the fundamental questions about human life.

It is concerned about human knowledge, moral and scientific reasoning, art and society. Philosophy as a branch of study is vital for the development of a society and is considered useful for professions like law, business and public administration.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is an apt choice for students who are interested in a course in Arts and often find themselves contemplating about questions of life and existence. A Philosophy degree produces thinkers and help in developing logical and critical thinking skills. In a philosophy degree, a student learns to analyse and frame arguments, write clear and persuasive arguments and understand new ways of thinking. Students who wish to explore various ideas related to religion, spirituality and ethics and the logic behind them should opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.