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Bachelor of Hindi

Bachelor of Hindi

B.A. Hindi or Bachelor of Arts in Hindi is an undergraduate Hindi course. Hindi is a language made up of mostly Sanskrit language along with Urdu, etc. Hindi is the official language of India. The undergraduate program in Hindi Language and Literature is a semester system of three year duration with six semesters. The program consists of ten common courses, fourteen core courses, eight complimentary courses; two choice based courses and project work. The common courses include six courses in English and four courses in Hindi. Fourteen core courses are dedicated to Hindi Language and Literature. The eight complementary courses are so designed as to supplement the core courses and some of them are professionally oriented. The choice based courses are purely profession-oriented so that not only the students of Hindi Program but also of other Programs can get an opportunity to take advantage of them. After having passed the course the candidates can find many jobs in various spheres in the country.

A Bachelor of Arts course in Hindi aims to educate students in the rich heritage of Hindi language and literature. In this course a student learns how the modern form of Hindi language developed from Sanskrit, Urdu, Khadi Boli and other early vernacular forms of Hindi.

BA Hindi is a course, perfect for students who have studied Hindi at Higher Secondary level. Since it is a course which investigates the aspect of Hindi as a language and studies various literary works written in the language, it is perfect for students who wish to understand the language and literature written in it.

There are generally two type of Bachelor degrees offered in Hindi – BA Honors in Hindi and BA Pass in Hindi. There is one significant difference between the two courses is that BA Honors in Hindi allows a student to specialize in any of the various aspects of Hindi Language and Literature. A BA Honors in Hindi provides an in-depth knowledge of the subject.